Demonetization & Joe Rogan: The reason he left YouTube

Joe Rogan recently signed a contract with Spotify to exclusively air his podcast on their media platform. The deal is reported to be worth over $100 million. Rogan used to host his podcast on YouTube to monetize his show. For example, he received backlash for a video containing “harmful or dangerous acts” in his comment section. Rogan and the guest may have joked about something harmful, but no such footage was shown that could be considered harmful or dangerous. Rogan, talking about YouTube said, “They’re scrambling for control. They want to control the way people communicate. And they also want to make a profit. See part of this is there, they are incentivizing people to do shows that they can profit off. So, if you have a show that has no bad language, if you have a show that has no controversial topics, those shows are more appealing to advertisers. So, for them, as a business, they will look at someone like me and say, Well this is a limited advertiser’s option.”

YouTube is neglecting and hurting content creators for posting controversial content. In podcasting, you are getting a true individualistic perspective of that person. People are starting to realize the mainstream media outlets are not a reliable source of information. Spotify is going to allow Joe Rogan to have the guests he wants, controversial or not unlike YouTube. Most of all, the media platform will not limit discussion, because when that monetization piles up, the evolution of ideas starts to stagnate.




monetizing clout.

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Styng Social

monetizing clout.

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